Hamporio helps in connecting buyers from across the world. As an extension of Friends Cards, we pledge to maintain your privacy on all accounts. Our company will be the sole owner of the information that will be collected on the website. We sincerely value the trust you place in us and promise to uphold it. Precisely for this reason, we take a firm stand on maintaining the highest standards for protected transactions and customer information privacy. Rest assured, every information provided by you, by the customer’s consent, will be confidential, and in no scenario shall it be shared with any third party.

The Privacy policy applies to everyone who visits our website, including online customers. When you visit or use our website, you not only agree to abide by the privacy policy but also approve it. Any information collected about you while you visit or use our website will be confidential and managed under this policy that will not be shared to anyone. We collect information that you, yourself choose to share for a lot of reasons. The primary reason behind asking personal information is to help you witness a customised experience, so that we can determine and identify the kind of products and services best suited to your interest and bring those to your attention.

The Privacy Policy must be read considerately and carefully, alongside our Terms of Use. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the collection and usage of the information that you provide us as mentioned duly in the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as mentioned in our policy, you are requested to not use or visit our website.

  • An introduction to our PRIVACY POLICY

We intend to uphold the trust with which you share your information with us. We know that our customers care about how their personal information is used and with what intentions. We take your concern with utmost sincerity. This privacy policy gives you a description as to how we collect, use and disclose your personal information when you visit or use our services. By visiting our website, you choose to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy and accept it.

To avail the benefits of our services, you must be 18 years or above. Those under 18 and at the minimum 13 years of age can be allowed to use our services only through parental supervision and their permission i.e. the account should be owned by the parent or a legal guardian. We do not purposely solicit information of those under 13, so kindly urge you to not share any kind of personal information with us. In case we find out that we are in possession of person’s information of those not eligible, we will instantly delete all kinds of information.

Therefore, by visiting or using our website and the services we provide, you abide by the privacy policy and personally give a consent to collect, use and disclose your information, whenever we require.

  • What kind of information do we collect?

Our primary goal in collecting the information that you provide is to give you a safe, smooth and customised experience. This will enable us to cater to your needs and choices and to personalize our website in order to make it customer-friendly. If you wish to purchase things from our website, we collect information that acquaints us with your buying behaviour and thereby, furthers our understanding about your preferences.

Whenever you visit or use our services, we collect various kinds of information based on what you choose to provide. Information that we collect are name, age, date of birth, gender, email, address. This is necessary information for the placement of the order and its proper delivery to you. With the collection of this personal information, we aim at serving you better. We don’t impose on the customers to provide with information they might not be comfortable at or not want it to be public. We respect your choice to choose privacy on these accounts.

Additional information may also be collected; it largely depends on the services you choose. These include: professional information, financial information, transactional information, shipping, ordering and billing related information, or any information that you choose to make public and voluntarily provide us.

  • Information collected automatically by us

The moment you interact with our services, we register and receive the technical information that includes IP address, what device you use, and cookie information. In case you use our services on mobile phones, we can also record the unique device ID, the type of the hardware, the name of the device you are using, your IP Address etc.

  • Using other ways to login to our websites/services

You can also choose to connect or use our services using your other account credentials like Facebook login, Gmail or YouTube account. In the event of this, you must understand that some part of your information present on these accounts will be disclosed to us. There is a separate policy to regulate these and it is recommended that you read the separate policy before giving your consent for the same. However, using these third party accounts is optional, and therefore you are at your liberty to use or not use these. You can cancel anytime and revoke by going at the account settings page.

  • Cookies

A cookie is, in general terms, a data stored on the hard drive that contains the information pertaining to the user. Rest assured, cookies are not in any way linked to the personal information that you entrust upon us. It stays as long as you are using our website. The moment you leave or close the website, the cookies are repealed. In case you don’t accept the cookies, it won’t prevent you from using or accessing our website. It would just limit your accessibility and restrict you to only some places. The primary purpose of having cookies is to acquaint ourself with the interests of the user and help them enjoy a better and safer experience.

  • Log files

Since we have access to the IP address, we use it to understand trends, website management, and muster demographic data. It also helps us to navigate the customer’s movement. These access logs contain more than just the IP addresses as they also inform us about a lot of other information like the Operating system that the user uses, the name of the device, the pages you have browsed or viewed etc. Rest assured, this information is in no way linked to the personally identifiable data and just help us in analysing the aggregate performance of the website.

  • Links

The website we use also contains links that can take the customers to a different web page. The links basically correspond in tandem with the interest of the customer. However, we request our users to be cognisant of the fact that Hamporio is not, at any point, responsible for the privacy policy of the said link that you might open for your use. Therefore, you are advised to check the privacy policy of the link you browse that collects personal information from you. Our privacy policy is solely restricted to our website only and in no way assures protection from the links that you might use. So, it’s highly recommended to be attentive.

  • Special offers

We alert our customers about any kind of special offers that we provide. The new members will receive a welcome e-mail from Hamporio, while the already existing ones will get the periodic e-mail that they receive. The e-mails will bring to your attention the special offers, discounts, your carts and wish list or any kind of update on new products, and so on and so forth. We respect your privacy and therefore we diligently offer you the option to unsubscribe and opt out for such e-mails.

  • Updating or correcting personal information

If, at anytime, you want to update the personal information that you have shared with us, our website offers you the means to do the same. In case you want to change your shipping address or add your new contact number, you have the option to delete, update and edit the information. This can be done by going on the ‘My accounts’ page or by simply mailing the customer service department.

  • Opting out

We provide the users the option to “opt out” of their information that might be used for purposes unrelated to the website. This can be done at the point where we seek that information from you. Infact, users who don’t want to be on email check list can do so by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ option that surfaces in the promotional email itself. The other way to do this is to email us directly.

  • Notification of changes

In the event of changes or any sort of update brought in, our privacy policy will be communicated to the users. They will be notified 15 days prior so that they have ample time to decide whether they want to continue giving personal information to us and allow us to use that information in ways different than mentioned in the previous privacy policy. Regarding the same, you will receive an update on our websites homepage as well as an email for the same.

  • Why we collect and how is your information used?

The primary reason behind the collection of your information is to provide you a customised experience and also improve on our services. It also helps us to work with those with whom we have a contract. With regards to the question, how we use your information, it totally depends on the services you use and choose for yourself. Other reasons are: to keep our website protective and operational, and also have a personalised content; to address your queries and contact you regarding your account or any other problem you might face; to inform you about transactional information like sending you emails regarding your order; provide other kinds of services as requested by you; for security purposes as in to thwart any attempts at fraudulent behaviour and prohibit activities that are illegal or of criminal intent; to enforce the policy we represent and also check in case of any violations of the said policy.

  • How is your information shared
  1. Shared by us

Your information is shared by us to the third parties, to the partners and sponsors who might have the products and services that interest the individual, so that they can contact them for the same. We also employ third parties to work for us and execute tasks such as payment processing, emailing regarding queries, data management and marketing etc; for which we provide them with the information you share with us so that they are able to execute their tasks and provide the services they are supposed to.

  1. Shared by you

As you visit or use our services, certain information is offered to us because of their nature. Information like your name, bio, username, profile picture, social presence or whatever piece of information you choose to make it public can be availed by us. Just by your social presence, you permit the use of that personal information that we have hold on.

  • Other

We have a dynamic service, and quite often are known to introduce new features and nuances, for which we might be in need of some new elements of information. In case we collect personal data or materially change how we use your data, you will be notified. In case we modify our privacy policy, we will alert you for the same too.

  • Contact

In case of any further query or clarification regarding the privacy policy that we represent, please contact our support team at