Hamporio is a multi-brand gifting company that helps in connecting buyers and vendors from across the world and various platforms that also includes online, in person social media and an event company.

  • Acceptance of terms

By visiting or accessing our service or website, you agree and accept the terms & conditions and the privacy policy of Hamporio. The terms & conditions are accommodative of your interests and the approval you give to us. In case, a member or anyone who do not adhere to the terms & conditions and refuse to accept, shall not in any case be allowed to purchase, use or access our services.

  • Modifications to the service and prices

There are going to be ample chances where the price of the products and services that we provide may change without a given notice. We are well within the rights to modify or not continue a particular service at any point of time without serving a notice. In no scenario will we be held liable for any modification or change thereof regarding price or suspension of any kind of service to you or any of the third-party.

  • Eligibility to use services

Only those who are 18 years of age or above can avail the services that we provide. The moment you place an order, you agree that you are 18 years of age.

By accessing and visiting our services, you abide to agree:

  • You are at least 18 years old or above
  • You have a legal age to be a part of the contract
  • The information that you have submitted is correct and truthful.
  • You have to be solely responsible for the services you use or access.


  • General terms

We aim at accuracy and strive to achieve it everytime we display or describe products on our website. However, we don’t guarantee that the descriptions of the product or any content/services on our website will be completely accurate, error-free and totally reliable. We are well within our rights to correct any error ranging from typographical to omissions with respect to the product description, pricing or the status of availability, at any time without serving any prior notice. If a wrong product is delivered to you which doesn’t match the product you ordered, your sole responsibility is to return to us. For further information, please check our ‘RETURN POLICY’ below.

All efforts have been sincerely made to be as accurate as possible, regarding the display of the products that appear on our website. However, we cannot guarantee the variation that might surface due to computer monitor’s display. Therefore, colors may vary and we can’t promise complete accuracy and reliability for the same.

  1. Placing of the order

You place an order by clicking the confirmation button that is available on the website page, at the end of the process. You add the product to the cart, then press the button of confirmation. The moment you confirm the order, you give a consent and agree to purchase what you have added and selected. After this, you go to the payment page after clicking on the convenient payment option. Having paid, your order is accepted and will be delivered within the stipulated time, as mentioned. As an acceptance of the order, we send you a “Thank you for your order” email that consists of the details of the order and other relevant information that is necessary for you to know.

  1. Rejection of the order

Sometimes we might have to reject the order you place with us for various reasons:

  • The product is out of stock.
  • Your payment is not being authorized.
  • In the event of certain errors that might have surfaced regarding price or product description.
  • If any of the terms & conditions have been breached.
  • If the personalisation of the product that you wish in any way breaches or violates the terms & conditions as mentioned.
  • In the event of suspicion regarding the product you have ordered.

If your order has not been accepted, we will send notifications to you for the same, stating the valid reasons and reverse the payment you made for the same.

  1. Payments

While you make a purchase from Hamporio, you are requested to follow the instructions that entail how to make a purchase and how can you make necessary changes regarding your future orders. After you select the product from the gift collection that you want to purchase, you can then make a payment by following the steps shown on the website. 

You can pay either through e-way payments, PayPal, UPI payment and other modes as it is convenient to you. Rest assured, your credit card number, in no scenario, can be seen by either Hamporio or any third party. Your funds are secure and will never be used by us or any of the third party. All the data is encrypted and protected.

  1. Faulty/Damaged Products

If, due to unfortunate and unseen event, the gift delivered to you is damaged or faulty; we will replace the gift collection and deliver the correct order. As soon as you receive the damaged product, you must inspect and report back to Hamporio within 5 business days in case the goods do not match the product you ordered. If you delay or not notify us regarding the condition of the product, we will in no position be able to replace the product and assume that the delivered product fits the specified requirements. No claim can be made or recognized if not reverted within 5 business days.

In the event of the product being damaged and reported to us within the stipulated time, Hamporio will make arrangements regarding the return of the product. As soon as the product arrives, it will be inspected and all attempts will be made to deliver the correct product back to you. There is no refund for damaged or faulty product. It’s a non-refundable item.

To remedy the grievances caused to you because of a faulty/damaged product, we require your assistance and certain details/information regarding the nature of the damaged product. These are:

  1. The details of the nature of the damage or defect.
  2. The delivery note number and other sorts of information as and when we require.


  1. Cancellation of Purchases

With respect to cancellation of purchases or return, we follow a stringent policy to ensure the interests of our stakeholders. But, before you make a request regarding the return of the product, it is recommended that you track the status of your order in the ‘My orders’ page that is under the ‘My account’ section. In case the product purchased by you has been dispatched and shipped, we would be in no position to cancel your order or modify it. We may cancel an order if it isn’t available for some reason. This will be notified to you, if it is the case, and the amount paid by you will be refunded. The mode of refund will be the same method that you used to pay for the order.

Since all the emails or calls are answered during the business hours i.e. 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM on business days; there can be situations where we might have already dispatched the order and were unable to respond. In these scenarios, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to modify as requested.

  1. Tracking your package

When your order has been accepted and shipped, you will be notified through an email that would have the necessary tracking information that will enable you to track the gift package at any time from anywhere. To track the package, you simply have to visit the online tracking tool. Having done that, you have to then enter the number provided and click search option.

  1. Refunds

We believe in what we deliver and we deliver with utmost care and perfection. Thus, we do not have the option of refund of products that are already shipped and delivered to the customer with no sign of damage. It is thus advised to choose your products carefully as the moment the payment for an order has been processed, there would be no exchange or refund. However, we in no scenario negate the possibility of human error. So, do check if the product delivered was what you ordered. In the event of a damaged product or a different product, you must reach out to us within 5 working days. Once notified, it will be our responsibility to make arrangements regarding the return of the product and to provide you with the correct, perfect gift you ordered on your confirmation receipt.

  • Personalised gift hampers/cards

 We are known to provide high-quality service. To maintain premium quality, we require your assistance. We request you to re-check your order and verify the necessary details on the acknowledgement email to ensure they are correct, in every form. It is your responsibility to look into the fact that the details you provide that must be included in the personalised product is totally correct. We would in no way be responsible if the details are incorrect. You can make changes within 12 hours after the order has been submitted. For this, you need to contact the customer service department through an email stating the further changes you want.

  • Content rules

We are against any content that in any way or form hurts the sentiments of anyone for any reason. Therefore, the personalised products must not violate the content rules and ensure that the listed rules are followed while stating the details.

  • There should be no infringement of the copyright of an image, person or an entity in any way. You must own the copyright of the details you want to display in your personalised product.
  • There should be no violation of any laws or rules.
  • The content should not be false, demeaning, offensive, abusive, threatening, derogatory or defamatory that might cause distress to anybody’s sentiment.
  • There is no misrepresentation of the identity of a person or falsely impersonates the sentiments.
  • There should be no personal information about a person without the consent or approval of the person.
  • The content in no way should discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, caste, class, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other ground that might hurt the sentiments of the people and is capable of inciting violence.
  • The content should never aim at harassment or embarrassment to any person.


  • Dispatch duration

The duration is same for all kind of products that we offer under our gift collection. It usually takes 14 to 21 business days to deliver from the day the order has been confirmed. Orders that are placed on weekends or bank holidays will be shipped on the next working day. The cost of the delivery and packaging varies depending on the weight and/or location of the product and delivery respectively.


  • Supply and pricing of products
  1. Supply

The products under the gift collection at Hamporio sold on our website are manufactured and prepared at a lot of in-house and third-party facilities that are located in India.

  1. GST

All the prices registered on the website include the GST at the current rate.

  1. Packaging charge

The packaging charge, as mentioned above, varies and depends on the volume, category and location of the order.

  • Delivery

The date of the dispatch is the day we send out the order and not the day you will receive the order. For timely and fast delivery, we request you to send us the following information:

  • Enter the zip code that will enable faster delivery of order.
  • You must ensure that the details you provide are correct. It falls under your sole responsibility and we will not be held liable on misplacement of the order.


  1. Circumstances out of control

We shall not be held liable if the delivery of the order fails due to some unforeseen circumstances that are not under our control. Such as - riots, weather conditions, explosion or accidents, act of god or demonstrations, etc.

  • Your privacy and security

Rest assured, we sincerely respect your privacy and will uphold it to the utmost. For further information, please check our Privacy Policy statement.